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  • Help with Wild Photo Adventures season 5

    Wild Photo Adventures is looking for help funding their season 5 episodes!

    For those who aren't familiar with Wild Photo Adventures, it is a PBS show about wildlife photography. It is a great resource for learning not only how and where to see wildlife, but also how to photograph them. The show is a excellent for everyone from beginners to the experienced. We enjoy Wild Photo Adventures and we wanted to share their plea for assistance since we feel they share some of the same values we do. Their show is available in standard definition streaming on their website for free to everyone (or high def DVDs can be purchased) to help spread the knowledge, love, and understanding of wildlife and wildlife photography.

    The show is hosted by Doug Gardner, an experienced wildlife photographer, who takes you through various locations, and discusses everything from camera settings, to wildlife behavior and spotting methods, as well as the ethics associated with wildlife, nature, and photography.

    The show is currently working to get their 5th season completed and is asking for assistance through a Kickstarter project. Since the show is not a network funded production, they rely on support from viewers like you to continue making and providing episodes. Consider making a contribution to their kickstarter project, you'll get some great things in return and be able to support a fantastic and helpful show. Please visit the links below to see their kickstarter project details, or the Wild Photo Adventures web site for details on the show, and to watch past episodes.

    But act soon, the kickstarter project ends on Jan 3rd!

    Wild Photo Adventures Kickstarter Project

    Wild Photo Adventures home page

    Please note, all photos used on this article are copyright and property of Doug Gardner. All images used in this article are done so with permission and any use, downloading, or otherwise is strictly prohibited.
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    1. Aloicious's Avatar
      Aloicious -
      only 2 weeks left and it's not quite 1/4 funded. Take a look at the project and consider making a donation to help keep a positive and beneficial production going.
    1. Aloicious's Avatar
      Aloicious -
      less than a week to go with not quite 1/4 funded. for those who have not checked it out, please take a look.
    1. Aloicious's Avatar
      Aloicious -
      Well it looks like the Kickstarter project was unsuccessful, however we received an update that season 5 will still continue however it seems likely under some more severe budget restraints, I highly recommend taking a look at the wild photo adventures site. and keep an eye out for Season 5.!
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