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Well its official...

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I am officially without a long lens to do birding/wildlife with for the moment. Due to some recent and upcoming events that require some financial input, I have needed to consolidate my lens collection a little bit, I've sold my beloved 300 f2.8 VR1 and 600 f4 VR. I will be replacing them both with a 500 f4 VR, but until I get that I will have to make due with my 70-200 and TC combos, and wider angle lenses. Looks like the next few weeks will be less wildlife, more landscapes...
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  1. Aloicious's Avatar
    I might have to get a used 300f4 or something to use in the interim when I get the 500, I'll have something to cover the gap between 200 and 500....hmmm...I'll have to see if I can swing that or not.
  2. Aloicious's Avatar
    I'm going through super-telephoto lens withdrawls...
  3. Aloicious's Avatar
    well, news has it that I should be getting the 500mm lens in about a week. I'm really looking forward to putting it to good use. I've already got some good birding spots in mind, some I've been shooting at before, others I've been to but never shot looks like it will arrive just in time. I believe I've began to lose my mind without being able to go shooting for a couple months...I've spent my downtime tonight listening to raptor calls on the Cornell site...
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