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Getting prepped for some good astrophotography this year. I've always been interested and live in a great place for it with some very dark skies pretty close. but have felt a bit limited in some aspects. now that I'm working on a astrotrac rig that will be portable and easy to use in the field (much much MUCH more portable and usable than my other setup which i've had for a while), not to mention that tethered control for nikon cameras have advanced significantly recently.

Looking forward to some dark skies, night adventures, and other worldly images.
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  1. Aloicious's Avatar
    New moons a-comin'!

    got most everything setup, I still am fabricating a way to properly balance my scope/lenses on the astrotrac without spending $400+ for the astrotrac head that has a significantly lower weight limit than the rest of my setup (20lbs max on the astrotrac head, all other parts of my setup are speced to hold at LEAST 35lbs, some up to 150+ lbs. the more stable, the better images)
  2. Aloicious's Avatar
    well, wasn't able to get to the last new moon, but tonight is another one and it might be a clear, dry night too! lets hope I can get out and take some good shots with the astrotrac setup!
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