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Well I guess I should learn How to do this Blog thing.

I'm not real familiar with how to "blog" but I think It is just Like a daily journal.
So I will start by telling you all how I ended up here, On this forum of wild life photos.
about 2 years ago I bought a Chevy truck, I wanted to modify the truck in a few ways so I joined a truck forum that was specifically for the brand of truck I owned.
I the moderators of said forum were super friendly and willing to help any chance they got.
This group quickly went from moderators to friends and I felt like I got added to a family. After a few weeks on the forum I began looking at other threads, one of them was a Photography thread where this guy Aloicious had been posting amazing Photos of birds and other animals. After complementing his photos, I asked how he was able to take such amazing photos and how I could take photos like them. After many conversations of the equipment that is required, I had decided that I needed a DSLR camera.

The hunt was on.
I stated going to best buy, and other local stores that carried DSLR cameras. In my time Searching I had asked Aloicious what brand was the best. His response was they are all very similar you need to go play with and hold them to see which brand feels best to you.
So I did just that I went out on a mission to find my camera brand.
I ended up liking the feel of the Nikon best. Originally I had thought about getting a Nikon D3200, But at a price tag of $499 it would have to wait. In the mean time Aloicious had recommended I scour Online local sales pages for an older model Like (the almighty) D90. After a few weeks I came across an Ad for just that. I guy had listed his D90 (just the body) 3 batteries and a charger For $400. us. I sent Him a message and talked him down to $375.
I met up with him one morning to look it over, Everything looked good on the camera. A few days later I had the money together and met him again to purchase the D90. The guy was super nice, he knew this was my first DSLR and that I had no gear so he let me borrow his 18-55 kit lens until I could order my own.
((side Note) Those were the days back when a "nice" lens only cost me $100 hahahaha.)

After obtaining my D90 everthing has gone down hill I have become overly obsessed with all types of photography. after getting my own 18-55kit lens, I set out to get a telephoto zoom, Another CL (Craigslist) Ad came up with a 70-300 F4-5.6 anther $100
Now I had the essentials to take some photos of wild life and landscapes. A couole months go by and the urge for a faster and Sharper lens become more prominent.
A few talks with Aloicious and I start to look for a Sigma 35mm F1.4 ART. I end up finding one on Ebay for around $775 and get it paid for, This will for ever mark the end of what I considered "Good Glass".

My eyes had now been open to the new and exciting world of high Quality fast prime lenses. I just loved shooting with my new 35mm and still do for that matter. At this point life is good I'm taking lots of photos and getting some great shots.
after a few months go by, my D90 all of a sudden has a funny green light blinking on the back and seems to be eating batteries, even when it's off.
I sned it with a friend to APS in Chicago, they have a look at it and find that one of the main boards inside has been damaged and it will cost $300 to have it fixed. I told them no thanks and I'll just use it as is.
this began the search for a new body.

Going FX:
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  1. Aloicious's Avatar
    Nice! but your post just stops at: "going FX:" for me, just wondering if something is up or if you're working on finishing later?
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