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Visiting the Spiral Jetty

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Legend has it that the Spiral Jetty was created by visitors from another planet, wait, that's not right, I must be thinking of something else.

The Spiral Jetty, is a very interesting earthwork sculpture created in April 1970 by the late Robert Smithson. Spiral Jetty is made from rocks and land from the surrounding site and extends about 1500 feet into the Great Salt Lake, and winds into a counter clockwise spiral. The Spiral Jetty is found on the north shore of the Great Salt Lake, about 45 miles west of Brigham City, and roughly 15 miles south of Promontory Summit. For those interested in history, Promontory Summit is the place where the Central Pacific and Union Pacific rail lines met in 1869 making the first transcontinental rail line. This was also the site that the Golden spike was driven commemorating the event. While driving to the Jetty, the only hint of civilization during the trip past the rocket testing facility is the golden spike national historic site building. I would have liked to stop at the site, but due to the government shutdown, its was closed.

The paved road ends at the Golden Spike site, and its another 15 miles past the site to the shore of the salt lake, 15 miles of absolutely nothing, no trees, no civilization, nothing.

Once at the Jetty, its a very interesting view. The jetty is submerged when the water level of the salt lake is about 4195 feet or above. Due to this the jetty gets submerged several times per year. at my visit the water level was roughly 4194 feet, which allowed the full jetty to be accessable, in fact the shore wasn't very close to it allowing use to walk all around it and the salt and rock shoreline.

This shot was taken at the beginning of the jetty with a 21mm lens on my tripod extended all the way, and lifted up in the air as far as I could (the camera was probably roughly 10feet in the air) with the shutter being released with a remote.

There is a good shoreline filled with black rocks that can be explored, in fact I found a little 'mini' spiral jetty someone made in the rocks on the shore

The interesting skies that are seen over the salt lake can make for some interesting scenes with the mountains across the lake, and the salty shore.

Directly behind the Jetty is a small hill that lets you get a slightly overhead view of it. This is a wide panorama of the jetty from the top of the hill with 4 stitched images taken at 300mm.

And of course if you're going to drive out there, you need to stay for the sunset over the lake. This is a stitched 2 image composition taken with an 85mm lens.

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