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Gotta go birding!

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So I've been shooting some fun landscapes, and large wildlife recently, but I gotta get out and do some of my first wildlife love...birding...

I'm probably going to head around raptor loop this weekend. Winter's coming which means the rough legged hawks should be arriving, we should still have some ferruginous hawks around, and the bald eagles should be making an appearance in the coming months, so I need to get my BIF game up.

Lets hope I can find some good subjects out there. I may take a different route this time, maybe do some exploring.
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  1. Aloicious's Avatar
    well I didn't get out this weekend, but I did get some good work done on my portfolio site which should hopefully be up soon.
  2. Aloicious's Avatar
    Although I didn't get to go birding over the weekend, I brought my camera with me to work yesterday and did some commute birding, got a couple red-tail hawks, I'll hopefully have some images soon, just been busy with the business and my other job.
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