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I'm back!

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Okay, so after being out of town covering the SEMA show for my other site I'm finally back. and maybe I can get some work done to finish my photo gallery site, and do some more wildlife shooting.

I did have an excellent bird sighting on my drive home from Vegas though. I typically enjoy taking the road less traveled on my road trips, avoiding the main freeways, etc. and while I was driving through a small abandoned ghost townish area just west of Delta, Utah, I was able to see a HUGE adult golden eagle (easily in the 6ft + wingspan size), hanging out in a tree just off the roadside. in fact he/she let me pull the car over, get out, open the trunk, unlock my photo gear case, get my 70-200 attached to the camera, and setup, turn the camera on, and just as I lifted the viewfinder to my eye, he/she flew no pics, but a great sighting, and fun to watch, he/she was so large that taking off from the tree branch shook the entire tree.

Now that I know his/her area, I'll have to go back with my longer lens and see if I can get some photos.
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