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Thread: Male Wigeon Close-up

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    Male Wigeon Close-up

    I'm not big on close-ups (not that I don't enjoy looking at them, I just don't usually take them), but thought I might give this a shot. This was taken about a month back at the local BioPark pond.

    I've got a little more room all around, so feel free to comment on the crop. I should have traded some SS for aperture as I was really close and could use the d.o.f.

    Shooting Info:
    Nikon D800 | 500 f/4 VR
    1/2500 | f/8 | ISO 800
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    Miguel to our little community heh

    great shot! I actually don't mind the DoF on it, a little more might have been nice, but what you have really doesn't detract from the image IMO at least.

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