The classified ads are provided here at Photography Wild free of charge for everyone, we want to provide a safe and secure environment for conducting transactions.

One part of ensuring the best experience while you are conducting business with another member is to examine any feedback that the other member has received from previous transactions.

The best way to create and add feedback for a member is to follow the following procedure:
1) if this member does not have a previous feedback thread, please start a new thread. The title of the thread should be ONLY the member's username.
2) in your post please provide details about the transaction and how it went (i.e. you might include what was purchased/sold, how quickly it was shipped/how quick payment was sent, and your general thoughts on the transaction, either positive or negative.)
3) if the member you are dealing with already has a feedback thread started (please search for a thread with their username as the title), Please add a post to the existing thread rather than starting a new thread, this will help consolidate all of a member's feedback within one place. if a second thread has accidentally been started, please contact a mod or admin with a link to both threads so we can combine them.

Please be honest in your feedback, if you feel a transaction did not go well, please keep with the facts and try to keep any personal feelings and opinions out of your review, and replying to any feedback should be short succinct and factual. Arguing, bashing, and fighting within reviews, or in response to reviews will not be tolerated, all Forum rules still apply here.

Also please keep off topic posts out of the feedback threads, you don't want to wade through pages of chit chat to find actual feedback.