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Thread: Manitoba Amphibians

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    Manitoba Amphibians

    Here's a couple more amphibians I've collected over the past year:

    A Grey Tree Frog, in our deck plants. Never expected to see on of these at my house. Were in a new development, and although we do have a pond out back, there are very few places that provide nice cover for them. This is probably why he was in a pot 14 ft off the ground that's kinda like a "tree" ImageUploadedByTapatalk1391140161.042290.jpg

    Later that year, while out looking for Native American arrow heads, my brother found a pair of Blue-spotted Salamanders. We also found a few arrow heads and pieces of pottery, the age ranged from 500-1500 yrs old on them! One of my best trips. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1391140193.359102.jpg

    Also in our back pond, this huge Northern Leopard Frog. This species is definitely more suited to the open.

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    Awesome photos josh. That grey tree frig is cool. I wouldn't mind having one of those blue spotted salamanders either. Pretty cool stuff.
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