On the topic of water birds, here's some geese of various species.

First off, a couple Tundra birds!this is actually a mixed flock. Foreground is a Snow Goose (which is fairly common), and the rest if them are Ross' Geese (which are quite a bit rarer). What was surprising about this encounter was how tame all of them were! Normally these two species are skittish, but I got quite close to these birds

See if you can spot the lone Snow Goose in this group of Canada Geese.

Here's a rare sight. I spotted this bird last summer while at work. It's a partially albino Canada Goose. Upon close observation you'll see he's missing his tail, not surprising, he stuck out like a sore thumb, and I'm sure any predator would have a go at him. The area I found him is quite close to the Red River, and I've spotted many Bald Eagles there, there's likely to be a few coyotes or foxes and there are several yards with dogs—which is the most likely attacker.