Well I didn't get out shooting today like I wanted to. but I got some time to work on customizing my used BushHawk that I recently got. its going to be AWESOME when its finished, much much improved from the standard setup.

for those unfamiliar with the bushhawk, its basically like a rifle stock and trigger that a camera/lens mounts on and transfers the shutter actuation down to the trigger rather than the shutter button, and is used for things like birds in flight or and hand held supertelephoto stuff, it allows you to stabilize your stance and hold of the camera much better and so far in my tests I'm getting more keepers and more stable shots. I need a recoil pad for it though.

I'll try to get pics of it soon. unfortunately I did not get 'before' pics, so its just the 'after modification' pics that I'll be able to get.