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Thread: Wild photo adventures

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    Wild photo adventures

    Well some of you may know that there is a wildlife photography tv show called wild photo adventure, and yet some of you may not.
    If you have never heard of this show you can check it out here and also check your local listings for scheduled air times.
    Watchs as Doug Gardner travels all over to different terrians and climates to photograph some of the world's most sought after creature's.
    This show is a great way to watch and learn about what it takes to get the ultimate shot. From the florida everglades to the frigid plains of alaska you can watch Doug hide in hone made blindes, and walk through waste deep waters looking for the best place to get his shot.
    All 4 seasons are available on the website above and season 5 should broadcast this fall.
    Good luck and hope everyone gets to watch this.
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    yeah, I like that show, we had an article about helping them with the season 5 funding with their kickstarter campaign, but it wasn't successful, I think Doug is going to just pay out of pocket to make up the difference between the need vs sponsor/donation/sales etc...looking forward to next season coming out, I'd like to purchase the DVD's too.

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