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Thread: extension tubes

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    extension tubes

    I'm wondering about the use of extension tubes on my nikon.
    My dad has a set for his old canon, I used them on their and thought they were a cool concept.
    I want to know if anyone knows if one brand is better than the other, is their something to look for in the extension tube?
    Let me know what you think.
    Thanks in advance, Steve
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    I don't have any, they're a simple device, basically they push the lens away from the body which basically allows the lens to focus closer to the subject, so you can get closer to macro ranges, or if you've got a macro lens, to go beyond macro.

    I hear the Kenko tubes are good and retain some of the lens electronic functionality (which you'll need if your lens doesn't have an aperture ring on it like many of the newer lenses out there). the super cheap tubes will not maintain the electrical contacts or functionality.

    they don't have any glass or elements between the lens and body so they don't affect the image quality. they're pretty useful devices

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