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Thread: I would leica to have one

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    I would leica to have one

    Holy smokes! That's a healthy chunk of money for a 28mm

    What is it that is so great about the leica glass?
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    that's nothing, go lookup the 50mm f/0.95 Noctilux...try to remember its a 50mm prime when you see the price...

    then go look up the Leica M-E body...

    Leica is a niche thing, they make great quality stuff, and some fast lenses, like that noctilux is f 0.95, which is more than a full stop faster than f1.4...which comes at a huge price premium...but there is also a huge price markup just for the Leica name too. personally they aren't my thing. So many other things I'd rather be spending that kind of money on.

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