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Thread: Shutter speed in continuous mode.

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    Shutter speed in continuous mode.

    I was watching a youtube video of (jared polins') a comparison of a canon full frame and a nikon full frame. Now to be fare the nikon was a bit older than the canon but the canons (burst) speed (frame rate maybe) was vastly superior to the nikon is this still true when comparing 2 new FX bodies? Does the canon always shoot faster than the nikon? Is this why you see a lot of sports photographers with canons?
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    there is a lot that goes into the frame rate (FPS- frames per second), some has to do with the processing power of the camera and the image size, the card speed can play a role in how well transfer takes place, the mechanical abilities of the shutter can also play a role, etc....realistically, the differences between the comparible bodies from canon and Nikon are negligible at best, for example, the D1X from canon shoots at 12fps, where the D4 from Nikon shoots at 11 really won't notice much of a difference....I used to have a D3s body which shot at 9fps, and that was extremely fast, much more than I really ever needed. my current D800E shoots at just over 4fps, which is enough for me, a little faster would be nice, but its not a deal breaker in my book.

    The faster frame rate of the body can come in handy with wildlife and sports and such, but part of shooting stuff like that is being able to anticipate the action and capture a run of frames when you need, rather than just 'spray and pray' where you're just shooting TONS of frames arbitrarily and hoping to get something interesting.

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