This is a RRS B87-B medium flash bracket with
parts similar to the current 'portrait perfect package' it is used but in
excellent condition, no wear or issues.

This is the older version of the
current B87-QR. it is basically the same except it doesn't use the quick release
shoes. I actually like this version better than the QR version, but it's just
personal preference.

Also included with the bracket is a RRS FA-CS2
coldshoe for it.

as well as a Hejnar 6" integrated clamp rail (which is
basically the same thing as the RRS MPR-CL)

Retail for the current QR
version of the RRS package like this is $355. I'm asking $250 shipped for
everything within the US (insurance is extra if you request it), Paypal gift, or
add 3% for regular

is a shot of how it attaches to the camera using a L